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Giving it, taking it, living it, making the best of what you've got...
TWENTYFOUR hours a day, SEVEN days a week. 

That's the philosophy that Alan Darcy (Bob Hoskins) teaches the bored Nottingham youth he sees wasting their lives on rundown council estates when he forms a local boxing club.  With the club beginning to get noticed thanks to coverage in the local papers and an important match against a rival outfit, Darcy gives the troubled teens something worth fighting for and a dream to believe in for the first time in their lives. 

Acclaimed as "The Best British Film of the Year", with Shane Meadows hailed as the most exciting young director of his generation, Twentyfour Seven is a life-affirming experience full of genuine humour, courage and hope in the human spirit.


Tim - Danny Nussbaum
Alan Darcy - Bob Hoskins
GadgetJustin Brady
Knighty - James Hooton
Daz - Darren O'Campbell
Stuart - Karl Collins
Youngy - Anthony Clarke
Benny - Johann Myers

- Jimmy Hynd
Fagash - Mat Hand
Tonka - James Corden
Ronnie Marsh  - Frank Harper
Tim's Dad - Bruce Jones
Tim's Mum - Annette Badland
Young Darcy - Krisham Beresford
Gadget's Dad - Tony Nyland
Knighty's Dad - Collin Higgins

When Shane was a young lad hanging around with his lifelong, and best friend, Paul Fraser (co-writer), there was a man in the town who set up a football club for the town's various ruffians. Initially all the lads joined for the free fish and chips, but as the first few drastic losses came in, and the press began to dub them the worst football team in history, they began to feel a part of something really special!

This was all due to the faith of their coach, the man that set up the club. No matter what hapened in and around the football club, their coach never stopped believing in them, even when there were only prison teams left to play against in the club's latter stages. The spirit and belief of their coach inspired Shane and Paul to write Twentyfour Seven.

Shane Meadow's appears in the film as 'Man with saucepan on head'. 

Co-writer Paul Fraser appears as the clumsy photographer that trips over in the ring.


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Interview with Shane after Twentyfour Seven won the Critics Prize at the Venice Film Festival.


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KCRW Radio interview with Shane in 1998 to promote the release of the fillm in the U.S.

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