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Since embarking on his journey into film making back in 1994, Shane has created numerous short films in all kinds of genres.  From drama to comedy and through to the factual world of documentaries, Shane's varied short film creations make for entertaining and inspiring viewing. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Shane's early short films have never made it into the public domain which is unfortunate because who wouldn't be interested in finding out what on earth titles like, "Size Sixteen Feet" or "Le Donk Rat Attack" actually contain!
Check out The Vault for music videos directed by Shane.


The Shane's World project for Channel4 is Shane's guide to low budget film making which first aired on the channel in 2000.  Shane's world comprises of film-making tips, a collection of spoof advertisements and four short films starring Paddy Considine.
The project as a whole is intended to help and inspire budding film-makers by showing the techiniques and tips that can help make a great short film on a non-existent budget!
All "Top Tips" presented to you by Shane's good pal Tank Bullock, a manic farmer who just happens to be a film making expert!
Watch the whole of Shane's World below, or skip to a specific section by clicking on the direct YouTube links below.
- Intro
- Macca's Men / Cheap Tips / Spoof Adverts 1
- The Man With No Name / Shooting Tips / Spoof Ads 2
- The Poppa Squeeze Affair / Career Tips / Spoof Ads 3
- Three Tears For Jimmy Prophet
- Outro


A documentary about singer and song writer Gavin Clark, a long-term friend of Shane whose music features in many of Shane's projects.  Gavin Clark shockingly passed away at the age of 46 on the 16th of February 2015.
Shane made this personal tribute at the time;
"How do you capture in words, what the death of someone you love means to you, means to his children, his family, his friends. The only person I ever knew who had that capability was Gavin.  His music elevated my early work from student tat (in the early 90’s) into something resembling art.  He’s penned at least one unforgettable song for pretty much everything I’ve ever made and his latest, as yet unreleased songs, are his greatest and have once again become the emotional heartbeat of my latest project.
Anyone who knows his work, knows his pain, anyone who met him, will never forget him and for those that saw him play live, his voice remains tattoo’d in their heart. No PA system could contain him, no recording could capture him and I know I will never meet anyone like him again.
Gavin I love you so much brother and I miss you like frikk already. Xxx."

THE SHORT FILM TIMELINE (2009 back to 1998)

Unfortunately there isn't any way you can watch these short films, and only brief descriptions of a few of them are a available.  Over on YouTube you can find just two from the following epic list;
King of the Gypsies (1995)
and The Stairwell (2005).
See the entries below for the links.

The Living Room
See the highlighted videos above.

The Stairwell
This 15 second micro-short film was created by Shane to promote the Nokia Shorts Competition.  Blink and you'll miss them, but this film stars Vicky McClure and Andrew Shim.  You can see it on YouTube.

A Northern Soul
This mock documentary tells the story of Mike Sherbert,  a lonely young man who is obsessed with American wrestling.
His dream is to become a professional wrestler and compete against his hero’s on the British wrestling circuit.  The problem is, he weighs nine stone and has the pain threshold of a two year old child.  This short was included on the DVD release of Dead Man's Shoes and stars Toby Kebbell.

Shane's World
See highlighted video at the top of this page.
- Macca's Men
A kind hearted football fanatic helps to build confidence and team-work skills in a group of young lads by holding regular football training sessions in his spare time.
- The Man With No Name
A documentary film-maker ventures into local woodland to meet up with a mysterious man that claims to have been living in the woods for three years.
- The Poppa Squeeze Affair
Italian-American Toni Moroni comes over to the MIdlands in the UK to help his Uncle Poppa-Squeeze turf out the "student pricks" that are hanging around his coffee shop.
- Three Tears for Jimmy Prophet
Jimmy was a promising young boxer, but a past tragedy still haunts him.
- Tank's Top Tips
Shane has enlisted his good mate Tank Bullock to host these low-budget film making tips from his own farm with the help of his farmhand named Shag.

- Le Donk Episodic One Slap (19 min)
- Le Donk Episodic Two Slap (15 min)
- Billy Gumbo (10 min)
- Willy Gumbo (20 min)
- Le Donk Rat Attack (15 min)
- Simon Stanway 3 (5 min)
- Gary Golfer (8 min)
- Eric D'ya Get the Jisto (5 min)
- Stars of Track and Field (30 min)

- Paul, Simon, Dominic and Snowy Cabrerra (14 mins)
- Daihatsu Domino (9 mins)
- Size Sixteen Feet (6 min)
- There Was a Wolf in the Room Mum, and it Was Dying (2 min)
- It was just a little Chimp, about six inches tall and he wore a little red sweater (5 min)
- Autumn in the Heart (7 min)
- Hospital Stanway (9 min)
- A Room for Romeo Brass rehearsals (11 min)
- All the Way Through (5 min)

TIMELINE CONTINUED... (1997 back to 1994)

- Come Back Dominic Dillon (12 mins)
- Waiting For the Winter (16 mins)
- In the Meantime Afternoon (20 mins, Documentary)
- A Room For Romeo Brass (13 mins)

- The Rise and Fall of a Protection Agency (20 mins)
See the highlighted videos above.
- Where's the Money, Ronnie? (12 mins - Final Version)
This is the short film that launched Shane's career when it was spotted by producer Stephen Woolley in a short film competition.  This short was shown with Small Time when it was released theatrically.  It also appears on the BFI DVD of Small Time.  
- Simon Stanway is Not Dead (18 mins)
- Torino Torino (15 mins, Documentary)
- The Church of Alan Darcy (8 mins) 

- The Pasta Twist (11 mins)
A leisurely day in the life of the wanna-be Italian gangsters, the Marzetti brothers
- The Stretch (16 mins)
- The Allotment Show (2 mins)
- Sneinton Junction (6 mins)
- Jock and John are Neighbours (7 mins)
Jock hasn't been letting his lad play with John's lad and John isn't too happy about it.  To teach Jock a lesson, John starts to dump a load of his old garbage into Jock's back yard as an act of petty revenge.
- Black Wiggow (10 mins)
Black Wiggow tells the story of one young woman's double life as devoted mother and serial killer!
- King of the Gypsies: Blood on the Streets (6 mins)
This short documentary was shot as a pilot for the short Channel4 documentary which was made soon after (see next entry).
- King of the Gypsies (10 mins, Documentary)
This short documentary gives an insight into the life of the late Bartley Gorman, the undefeated world champion bare-knuckle boxer who hailed from Uttoxeter.  This short was Shane's first ever commisioned project and was made for Channel4's 'Battered Britain' season.  Pssst... you can watch this short film on YouTube!
- Kill Me Now, Mummy (7 mins)
- Karate Youth (3 mins)
- The Zombie Squad (11 mins)
The mission of the Zombie Squad is to get results through the power of the scare.
Currently however, the Zombie Squad are having trouble achieving any kind of result.  Whether it's a simple attempt at intimidating a passer by into handing over some cash, or whether it's a more organised scare on a local shop, the Zombie Squad don't seem to be getting anywhere at all.
- Where's The Money, Ronnie? 3 (14 mins)
This version is pretty much the same as the final 1996 version.  The main differences between the two however are that this version has an extended ending and uses different music for the score.
- A Glyde in the Park (5 mins)

- Where's The Money, Ronnie? (10 mins)
One of Shane's earliest short films (perhaps his first) in which he not only plays all of the characters in the film (most of them called Ronnie), but he also did all of the production of the film himself, from the camera work to the editing.
- Where's The Money, Ronnie? 2 (15 mins)
In this second edition of "Where's the Money, Ronnie?" Shane reprises the role of Ronnie the debt collector, but also brings in a host of new characters which he once again performs himself.
- The Datsun Connection (13 mins)
Crime fighters, Tank Bullock, Smokey Bacon and Mega Bytzzzzz get caught up in a spate of underwear theft on their own turf.  The lads call in Chief Stottie (via their 'radio dart' communication device) and he reveals a tip off to where the criminals may be hiding out... The haggis factory!
- The Murderer (5 mins)
This is the story of a dark period in the life of a money collector and is told as a monologue straight to camera by the money collector himself (played by Shane).
- Little Man (10 mins, Documentary)
A short documentary about the experiences of two of Shane's friends (Matt Hand and Dena Waldegrave) shortly after the birth of their first son.
- The Cleaner (2 mins)
A cleaner enjoying a quick break from his duties by having a quick dance. 

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