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Welcome to the Shane Meadows vault where you'll find all the odd bits and pieces that don't really fit anywhere else!
There's plenty of stuff to discover.
Some of it interesting, some of it educational, and some of it is downright odd.
Enjoy your rummage, but please remember to close the vault door behind you when you leave. Thanks.


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The Edinbugh International Television Festival 2015

Andrew Collins interviews Shane after a preview screening of the first episode of This Is England '90.
The interview covers Shane's route into film-making and his career to date.  
Followed by audience Q&A. 

Running Time 37 minutes.

More Interviews and Live Talks

Sheffield Documentary Festival
Shane and Mark Herbert live interview from 2016.
Duration 57 minutes.

Channel One Award Interview
Early interview from 1998 prior to the release of Twentyfour Seven.  Duration 13 minutes.

Broadcast Video Expo North 2011
Shane talks about the technical side of cameras, funding and film-making in general.  Duration 48 minutes.

Beestonian Film Club
Shane talks about his short films and general film making with Q&A and audio only contributions from Vicky McClure (off camera).  Duration 62 minutes.

5Live's Octoberfest
Mark Herbert talks about setting up Warp Films and working with Shane.  Duration 19 minutes.


BAFTA Guru Interview
Shane and Mark Herbert talk about getting started in the film industry.  Duration 17 minutes.

Tribeca Film Festival
Shane talks about getting into film making.  
Duration 7 minutes.

Latitude Festival 2008
Shane and Mark Herbert interviewed by James King.
Duration 14 minutes.

Long Road Sixth Form College Cambridge (part 1)
Shane Q&A with students about his whole career to date. That date being 2004. Total running time 37 minutes.
(part 2) - (part 3) - (part 4) - (part 5) - (part 6)


COME BACK TO ME - Liam Gallagher

Single taken from Liam's debut solo album "As You Were".
Shot at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow, the legendary venue where Oasis were first signed.

For brief quotes from both Liam and Shane visit

More Music Videos

Slumville Sunrise - Jake Bugg
From Jake's second album Shangri La.

Valentine - Richard Hawley
From Richard's fourth album Lady's Bridge.


Serious - Richard Hawley
From Richard's fourth album Lady's Bridge.

The Making of Richard Hawley's Serious
It gets to Shane's bit at about 1min 30s.



Andrew Collins & Stuart Maconie name Small Time the film of the year 1997 and award the film the first ever prestigious "Barn D'Or" trophy!

Both Andrew and Stuart have championed Shane and his films throughout his career.
Here's Stuart interviewing Shane around the release of Dead Man's Shoes on DVD, and more recently you can see Andrew interviewing Shane at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in the featured interview video at the top of the page.

More Miscellaneous Videos

Nottingham Trent University
Shane receives honorary degree of Doctor of Arts.
Long intro on this one.  You can skip to about 5m 30s if you're in a hurry.

Early Video Clips
A collection of spoof adverts made by Shane and friends at Nottingham's Intermedia College.  This is old.  We're talking pre Small Time!  1994?


James Corden's Role Model
Can you guess who it is?

Teenage Cancer Trust
Shane and Mark Herbert introduce their documentary at the Royal Albert Hall.

The Shooting Gallery
Shane introduces an episode of Channel4's The Shooting Gallery in 1997.



This was the big one.  
This Is England wins the BAFTA for Best British Film.

The show was hosted by Jonathan Ross, but wait until you see who presented the award.  All Shane's birthdays came at once that night!

You can watch Myleene Klass conduct a short interview with Shane on the red carpet too.  

More Award Show Videos

South Bank Show Awards 2004
Shane and Paddy Considine collect the award for Best Film for Dead Man's Shoes.

Empire Awards 2008
Paddy Considine presents Shane with the Empire Outstanding Achievement Award.

South Bank Show Awards 2008
This Is England takes home the award for Best Film.  The show was hosted by Melvyn Bragg and the award was presented by Robert Carlyle.  

The BAFTA Television Awards 2011
Vicky McClure wins the award for Leading Actress.  Includes backstage interiew.

Southbank Sky Arts Awards 2011
This Is England '86 wins the award for Best TV Drama which is presented by Victoria Wood.

BAFTA Craft Awards 2011
Catherine Scoble wins the award for Make Up and Hair Design.  Includes backstage interview.

NME Awards 2016
This Is England '90 wins the award for Best TV Show.  Award collected by Shane and members of the cast.


BAFTA Television Awards 2012
Backstage interview with Shane and cast & crew after winning the BAFTA for Best TV Mini Series.  Hosted by Kate Thornton.

Red Carpet News
Short interview with Vicky McClure on the red carpet of the BAFTA Telelvision Awards 2012.
There's one with Joe Gilgun too.

BAFTA Craft Awards
Shane wins the award for Best Director Fiction for This Is England '90.  Includes backstage interview hosted by Edith Bowman.  There's a Red Carpet News interview too.

BAFTA Television Awards 2016
This Is England '90 wins the award for Best Mini Series. Includes backstage interview.

BAFTA Television Awards 2016
Chanel Cresswell wins the award for Best Supporting Actress. Includes backstage interview.

Royal Television Society Awards 2019 highlights
Features a short section of Shane with his award for best Director for The Virtues.


THE CO-OP 2017

Focussing on the depth of relationship that the Co-op is building with local communities.
This is the director's cut version which was screened in UK cinemas.

For more information and some quotes about the project from Shane, take a look at

More Advertisements

Notts TV
A promotional video for the launch of Notts TV in 2014.
Starring Shane himself, and a dog wearing shades!

Act on CO2 (advert 1)
Act on CO2 (advert 2)
Environmental campaign about saving energy and saving money.


The Home Office
A public awareness film about abuse in teenage relationships.
This is one of at least two that Shane shot, but this seems to be the only one that is still online.

Compilation Reel
A short collection of some of Shane's past commercials. Ranging from Barclaycard to Quorn!

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