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15 years ago a roadie named Le Donk seemed to have it all.  Now his life is shit.

He may have lost a classy girlfriend, but at least he's gained a side-kick and protégé in the shape of UK rapper, Scor-Zay-Zee. 

With Meadows' fly-on-the-wall film crew in tow, Le Donk decides to take the UK rapper with him on a road trip that he hopes will change their lives forever, and with the help of the Arctic Monkeys, make Scor-Zay-Zee a star. 


Le Donk - Paddy Considine
Scor-zay-zee - as himself
Olivia - Olivia Colman
Shane Meadows - as himself

Mark Herbert 
- as himself
Le Donk's Lodger - Seamus O'Neil
Olivia's Partner - Richard Graham
The Arctic Monkeys  - as themselves

Le Donk was promoted as a Five Day Feature because, you guessed it, the film was shot in five days.  The concept of the Five Day Feature is an idea which Warp Films feels has potential to launch new film-making talent.

The Arctic Monkeys gave Shane permission to film back-stage at their gigs.  The band also appear in the film as themselves.

The first promo trailer for the film was created at a time when the film was originally going to be shown in black and white.  The final film is now in colour. 

The entirety of the film's dialogue was improvised. 

Shane on discovering Scor-zay-zee
"The revolutionary thing for us was when [real-life rapper] Scor-zay-zee turned up to the auditions, just for a small part.  He did some rapping, and I thought he was a musical genius.
I didn't know what we were going to do with him, but decided to take him with us.  It was the bravest thing we did.  If we had had a committee of financiers to answer to, that idea would have been quashed."


Showroom Sheffield
Post screening Q&A with Shane, Paddy Considine and producer Mark Herbert.

Digital Spy
Interview with Shane, Paddy Considine and Scor-zay-zee.

Watershed Bristol
Post screening Q&A with Paddy Considine & Scor-zay-zee.

Edinburgh International Film Festival
Shane, Le Donk and Scor-zay-zee trying to sort themselves out for the premiere.

Empire Online Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Interview with Paddy Considine.

Original Teaser Video
Five minute, black & white trailer.

"Backstage Beers"
Deleted scene not featured on the DVD release.

Launch Party
Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee perform at the film's launch party.

Le Donk's Top 10 Films
How many of these classics have you seen?
Trailer for the film followed by Le Donk's 3 reasons why you shouldn't like Shane Meadows.

The Daily Mayo Podcast
Simon Mayo interviews Paddy Considine.

BBC Radio One
Edith Bowman interviews Shane, Paddy Considine and Scor-zay-zee.

Media Clips continued...

BBC6 Music
Shaun Keaveney interviews Shane.

The Film Programme Radio 4
Interview with Paddy Considine.

Radio Derby
Animator Bill Edwards interview about the film's opening title sequence.


The Independent
Shane talks about Le Donk and the Five Day Features idea.

Eye For Film
Short article about the film's after party with photos.

The Guardian
Interview with animator Bill Edwards who created the opening titles of the film.

The Skinny
Shane talks about Le Donk and the Five Day Features idea.

The Guardian
Shane talks about the Five Day Features idea.

Interview with Shane and Paddy Considine.

The Guardian
Shane and Paddy Consinde talk about Le Donk and the Five Day Features idea.

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