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In 2012, a resurrection no-one thought possible took place when legendary band, The Stone Roses reformed after 16 years.

With unprecedented access to previously unseen archive footage, Made of Stone is a revealing journey through the life of one of the most revered and influential bands in British music history. 

Shane Meadows brings his unique directorial style, humour and emotional depth to the film, capturing the band at work and in their everyday lives as they rehearsed for their much-anticipated reunion, which culminated in three triumphant homecoming gigs at Manchester's Heaton Park in front of 220,000 adoring fans. 

Incorporating never-seen-before material spanning the band's musical history, the personal experiences of many of those touched by the band and their music, and unparalleled access to the record-breaking sell-out concerts which took place in summer 2012, this is the definitive record of the definitive band of the past 25 years. 


Shane first met Ian Brown at the Bristol City Museum when they were both coincidentally in attendance of the large scale Banksy exhibition in 2009.

Before Made of Stone, Ian Brown appeared in another of Shane's projects. This Is England '86!  Ian plays one of two policemen who try to break up the fight between the two gangs lead by Woody and Flip. 

Shane believes he ruined his chances of hearing new Stone Roses material when he showed the band a rough (and not very good) early edit of the film.  He believes he lost some of his privileges for a while after that! 

Shane on the Stone Roses as an inspiration for his own creativity...

"I think the Roses, like any great working-class band, give you that feeling that you can do it yourself, whether it be music or film or whatever.  
Some of their early interviews are fantastic: bold, arrogant, fucking exquisite.  I’d always been angry, growing up among unemployment lines, but seeing a band like that, taking on the establishment and smashing it, saying they were the greatest band in the world, it was wonderful.  So when I started making films, filling out forms trying to get funds and getting rejected, I said: “Fuck it, I’ll do it myself, I’ll get my mates together.”  Obviously they’re rock gods, and me and Mark [Herbert, Shane’s producer] are podgy baldies, but in terms of work ethics, we’re not too different."


Channel 4 News
Jon Snow interviews Shane about the Stone Roses and the making of the film.

Absolute Radio
Shane interviewed on the red carpet at the premiere of the film.

BBC News
Short interview with Shane and producer Mark Herbert at Heaton Park prior to the gig.

BBC Breakfast
Short interview with Shane.

ITV News
Interview with Shane.

BBC News
John Squire and Shane interviewed on the red carpet at the premiere of the film.

Stella Artois Connoisseurs
Shane on film-making and Made of Stone.

NME Awards
Shane collects the award for Best Music Film.
Behind the scenes at the NME Awards

Media clips continued...

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James King interviews Shane.

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Edith Bowman interviews Shane & producer Mark Herbert.


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Miranda Sawyer interview Shane.

Interview with Shane.

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Interview with Shane and producer Mark Herbert.

Interview Magazine
Interview with Shane.

Paste Magazine
Interview with Shane and John Leckie music prodcuer and sound engineer who worked on both of the Stone Roses albums.

Article covering The Stone Roses first gig in 16 years at Warrington's Parr Hall.

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