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It's 1983 and school is out for the summer.

This Is England, is the story of those long weeks between terms where life changing events can take place.
12-year-old Shaun (Thomas Turgoose) is an isolated lad who lost his father in the Falklands war.
Over the course of the summer holiday he finds fresh male role models when those in the local skinhead scene take him in.
With his new friends Shaun discovers a world of parties, first love and the joys of Dr Marten boots, but It's at one of these parties that he meets Combo (Stephen Graham), an older, racist skinhead who has recently been released from prison.


Shaun FieldsThomas Turgoose
ComboStephen Graham
Cynthia FieldsJo Hartley
MilkyAndrew Shim
WoodyJoe Gilgun
PukeyJack O'Connell
KezKieran Hardcastle
GadgetAndrew Ellis 

Lol - Vicky McClure
Smell - Rosamund Hanson  
Pob - Sophie Ellerby  
Kelly - Chanel Cresswell  
Trev - Danielle Watson  
Banjo - George Newton  
Meggy - Perry Benson  

also featuring: 
Frank Harper

Shane on the origins of the story...

"It's my own story, basically.  Nineteen-eighty-three was the year I became a skinhead myself.  I shaved my head, put on a pair of Doc Martens and visited a tattoo parlour.  It's a tragedy that 95% of people associate skinheads with racism.  The whole cult was born out of a love for black music and it was originally a very left-wing, socialist movement.  It was only later that the National Front took the anger and frustration of its members and directed it towards minorities."

"I came from a white, working-class background, and I was constantly told that the Asians were nicking all our jobs.  For a three-to-four-week period I believed it.  But then I witnessed some appalling violence, and realised it was all bullshit."

AWARDS include...
BAFTA Award for Best British Film (see video below)
British Independent Films Awards for Most Promising Newcomer - Thomas Turgoose
Writer's Guild of Britain Award for best Screenplay - Shane Meadows
Rome Film Festival Special Jury Prize - Shane Meadows
London Film Festival UK Talent Award - Mark Herbert (producer)


London Film Festival 2006
Quick interviews with various members of the cast & crew.

This Is England's 18 Rating
News report from Channel4 News.

Latitude Festival 2008
Shane and producer Mark Herbert interview with James King.

Picturehouse Cinemas
Interview with Shane.

The Fabulous Picture Show
Interview with Stephen Graham and Andrew Shim.

Casting Director Interview
Thomas Turgoose's first taped audion/interview with casting director Des Hamilton.

Film review panel.

Southbank Show Awards 2008
Best Film Award acceptance speech.

BAFTA Awards 2008
Best British Film Award acceptance speech.

BAFTA Red Carpet 2008
Quick interview with Shane.

Premiere Magazine
Short interview with Shane.

This Morning
Interview with Shane and Thomas Turgoose.


The Guardian
Pre-production interview with Shane.

Time Out
Interview with Shane.

The Guardian
Shane on Skin Head culture in his youth.

Eye For Film
Interview with Stephen Graham.

The Guardian
Shane on the BBFC 18 Rating given to the film.

The National FIlm Theatre 
Part 1
Part 2
Q&A with Shane at the NFT hosted by Jason Solomons.

BBC Movies
Interview with Stephen Graham.


BBC Radio One
Edith Bowman talks to Shane, Thomas Turgoose and producer Mark Herbert.

BBC Radio 3 interview with Shane.

Front Row
BBC Radio 4 interview with Shane.

Radio Five Live
Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode talk to Shane and Tohmas Turgoose.

The GloryBox
Stephen Graham 4Radio interview.

The Nottingham Podcast
Live interview and Q&A with Shane, producer Mark Herbert and the cast.

Oi! This Is England (PDF brochure)
Pre-production promotional item created for the Cannes Film Festival in 2005.

Stephen Graham & Thomas Turgoose on Soccer A.M.
Film and football chat.

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