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The year is 1990 and the rave scene has just arrived in England.

Charting the turbulent lives of a group of friends looking for love, a laugh and a future as Britain moves from the 80s into the 90s, This Is England follows the misadventures of Woody, Lol, Shaun and the rest of the gang as they struggle with the soaring highs and harrowing lows of growing up – and moving on.

Set to a seminal soundtrack, this much-anticipated final chapter finds the gang embracing the rave scene of a new decade.  But the utter hilarity and unadulterated joy of their ‘summer of love’ soon gives way to a bleak winter.  As the stark reality of life takes hold, this new season will see an enormous transformation in everyone. 


Lol - Vicky McClure
Shaun Fields - Thomas Turgoose  
Cynthia Fields - Jo Hartley  
Milky - Andrew Shim  
Woody - Joe Gilgun  
Gadget - Andrew Ellis  
Smell - Rosamund Hanson
Kelly - Chanel Cresswell
Trev - Danielle Watson

Combo - Stephen Graham 
Mick - Johnny Harris 
Harvey - Michael Socha 
Chrissy - Katherine Dow Blyton
Mr Sandhu - Kriss Dosanjh 
Flip - Perry Fitzpatrick
Jennifer - Stacey Sampson
Higgy - Joseph Dempsie
Evelyn - Helen Behan

Shane on his first rave experience.

“There are four episodes in This Is England ’90, and the summer episode is when the E thing kicks off.  It’s not cool, though.

At one point I thought, yeah, I’ll hire 50,000 extras and get a proper rave going.  But then I thought, no.  In real life, the first time I went to a rave I got lost and ended up at a Pagan festival by mistake.  

This Is England is like an antidote to cool, it’s like, this is what actually happened, and it was a bit wank.”

Shane on the possibility of more This Is England...

"Where I left '88... you couldn't leave it there. I always knew I had to come back.  I don't have that feeling that I have to come back after '90 - but at the same time, it's probably a full stop that's written in pencil."
“I’ve got one last idea for This Is England, but as a film that can be split as a hybrid. 
Because it started in cinemas and ended up on TV, I would love to finish off with one feature-length episode people can watch in the cinema or on TV the same night."  Source joe.co.uk


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Behind the scenes with BAFTA award winning makeup and hair designer Catherine Scoble.

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Andrew Collins interviews Shane in this long form interview about his route into film-making, his career and This Is England '90.

BAFTA TV Craft Award
Shane wins Best Director for TV Fiction, followed by back stage interview. 

Red Carpet Interview
Shane interviewed at the BAFTA TV Craft Awards.

Shane receives the award for best Mini-Series, followed by back stage interview.

Chanel Cresswell wins the BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress, followed by back stage interview.

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The cast & crew of This is England '90 open up about their stand out memories and moments on their journey from 2006's film to 2015's finale.

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Shane interviewed about Vicky McClure and This Is England at the premiere of the film Svengali.

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