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BAFTA-nominated Stephen Graham stars as Joseph, a moral yet troubled man who’s lost everything he ever held dear. With no immediate family to live for, Joseph is haunted by a past he has tried, for decades, to forget – if not actively obscure with drink and drugs.

Suffering the hangover from hell – the dry spell over – he walks away from his present life and boards a boat bound for Ireland to confront hazy, fear-inducing memories from a childhood spent in the care system.


Joseph - Stephen Graham
Anna - Helen Behan  
Michael - Frank Laverty 

Dinah - Niamh Algar 
Craigy - Mark O'Halloran
Barman - Tom Davis

Shane on The Virtues

"The Virtues reunites me with the peerless Stephen Graham, whilst also allowing me the chance to work with a host of supremely gifted actors and some incredible new talent. It takes the biblical, almost apocalyptic levels of revenge witnessed in Dead Man’s Shoes, along with the bittersweet humour from This is England and creates a landscape like nothing else I've ever worked on."


Channel4 Press
Two short clips from episode one of The Virtues.

OCS Story
Short interview with Shane at the Series Mania TV Festival in Lille, France... followed by something about the 1966 Batman TV series if that's your thing.

Virgin Radio UK
Stephen Graham and Niamh Algar on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show.  29th April 2019.

Front Row
Stephen Graham interviewed on BBC Radio 4's Front Row.


Exposed Magazine
Interview with producer Mark Herbert of Warp Films about working on The Virtues and how he first met Shane.

i News
Interview with Helen Behan and Shane who both talk about how Helen first got to work with Shane on This Is England '88 and how she is now playing the bigger role of Anna in The Virtues.

Articles & Interviews continued...

The Guardian
Shane talks to Miranda Sawyer about the horrific event in his childhood that inspired the creation of The Virtues.

Channel4 Press
The Virtues Press Pack which includes in depth interviews with Shane, Mark Herbert (producer), Jack Thorne (Co-Writer), Stephen Graham, Helen Behan, and Niamh Algar.

The Big Issue
Interview with Shane and Stephen Graham about The Virtues and their enduring friendship since Working together on This Is England.

The Irish Times
Interview with Helen Behan about The Virtues and how she originally got to work with Shane.

Interview with Shane at the Series Mania Television Festival in which he talks about the multiple camera shooting technique he used on the series. 

International Broadcasting Convention
Article about the production of The Virtues from the writing to the filming.  Co-writer Jack Thorne has clarified that;
 "The stuff about the scripts [in this article] isn’t true - we don’t and have never written scriptments - we write scripts - scripts that are improvised all over but they are full normal scripts"

Channel4 Press
Annoucement of The Virtues coming to Channel4.

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